25 Jul 2015

Blog Monetization That Don’t Work and How You Can Fix It

After going through every words of this blog post, you’ll discover various blog monetization methods that don’t work and how you can actually fix those.


Actually, these blog monetization methods I’m about to share with you do work and work perfectly but they don’t actually work for people who are just starting out in the blogging realm.

In this blog post what we are here to talk about is the kind of monetization that fits you and your blog because at the end of the day, it’s all about what you’re able to accomplish as a person.

You might be a part of any company online or offline but check this out – when we are approaching a new year, you don’t usually say that “this coming year will be my company’s year” unless you own that company but what you usually say is this “this coming year is my year.”

Now, do you actually see why it’s all about what you’re able to accomplish at the end of the day?


It was back in 2011, my dad got started with an online business opportunity, Google AdSense to be precise even though he was working with a construction company at that time and he was making an extra income from Google but here’s the deal – he wasn’t the one controlling the blog he was using to make those income he was making at that time, he actually was paying someone to run it for him (I mean his Google Adsense business at that time.)

But I want you to know something – my dad was a novice in the make money online realm and at that time I was also as green as it gets (I mean I was a complete newbie) I didn’t know anything about what it takes to make money on the internet.

After about a year, the guy that was helping my dad to run his Google AdSense business disappeared into the blues, we couldn’t reach him anymore.

We tried connecting with him on Facebook and some other social media network he was a part of at that time but we didn’t get any response from him.


Guys, picture this – my dad was a novice and at that point in time I didn’t know anything about doing anything on the internet (like I said before – I was as green as it gets.)

The blog that was making us money online at that time got expired and when I say it got expired, I mean the web host, the company that was hosting that website; our web host plan expired and of course you know what happens when your web host expires and you don’t pay for it, your website is actually going down, if you know what I mean.

We didn’t have any of the passwords – The guy that was helping my dad run the Google AdSense business only gave my dad the password to his Google AdSense account, he didn’t give us any password to either the web host company or the blog itself but he did give us the domain to the blog, keep in mind that we didn’t know anything as at that time because we were just starting out. Make sense?

Guys, why am I telling you all this stories? Well, it’s because I want you to get the clearer picture of monetization that fits You and your blog.

With this story, I believe you’ll gain a whole lot and you’ll be glad you saw this post.

At the end of this blog post – you’ll know what works and what don’t work.

My goal is to break how to monetize your blog for you down to the ridiculous so you understand it and get it.


Now, like I said before - $700 per month is not a big deal to make much noise about and moreover it was just an extra income stream but do you know how much that amounts to when converted to Nigeria Naira? That’s N140,000 Naira extra income per month and that’s enough for a family to live on monthly here in Nigeria.

But everything got to zero.

Thank goodness my dad had his regular job going on for him. 🙂

When everything got to zero, I was forced to learn how to build websites.

If you really want to make money online, it is not enough for you to only learn how to build a website or get someone to build it for you but you must also learn how to market your website, I mean you must also master traffic generation.

So, I built a website using HTML and we placed our AdSense code on the website and guess what? We were making very little and sometimes nothing.

I know what you might be thinking – “Edos get to the meat and the potatoes.”

We are about to get to the meat and the potatoes and you’ll be so excited when we do.


If you really want to make money online, don’t build an HTML website and then leave it thinking you’re done, you need a WordPress blog to build up your relationship and connect with your subscribers and followers. Make sense?
You can build an HTML website but always make sure you also have your blog working for you.

Attention: Keep in mind that the purpose of this blog post is to show you the blog monetization methods that don’t work fast and the ones that work wonders.

Getting traffic to a website can be a little bit difficult especially if you’re just starting out.

Back then after I built that website, neither me nor my dad knew how to get traffic to that website.


If you’re currently into Google Adsense and you’re not getting traffic to your blog that has your ads, it simply means that you’re not making money online or something close to that.

Here’s how we offended Google back in those years – we would ask friends and family to click on the ads on the new website we created.

Google banned that account (I mean my dad’s Google AdSense account at that time) but we realized our mistakes and obviously pay for it.


Don’t ever, I repeat – Don’t ever try to click on the Google Ads on your blog or site (If you have Google Ads on your blog) because it’s bad to do that. Abide by Google’s rules and you’ll enjoy them because they are such a great company to be a part of. Get that?


After we lost our first Google AdSense account it became so difficult to get another one. So, I started to look for some Google AdSense alternatives, I came across some networks, then I realized that nothing comes close to Google AdSense system (I mean no advertising network comes close to AdSense.)

The conversion rate on some of the Ad networks I came across were so crappy and it was frustrating sometimes.
To cut the long story short, it took me about 3 years to get approved by Google AdSense, as a matter of fact I was approved early this (2015) as at the time am writing this blog post for you.


Getting a Google AdSense account is only one side of the coin, you also need to master traffic generation and promotion (I mean you still need to learn how to get people to your site or blog.)


From what I have learned over the past years, there are two ways of making money blogging, they are – The average blog business model and the Ultimate Blog Profit Model.

Most bloggers don’t make money online because they are just bloggers and not internet marketers.

The average method of monetizing a blog is by placing AdSense code on your site or blog and that’s the extent to which new bloggers monetize their blogs.

The sad fact is that most of them make little or no money because Google AdSense requires a whole lot of traffic to make you genuine income but once you have tons of traffic coming to your site or blog, you'll be smiling.


Another reason why most bloggers don’t make money online blogging is because of the cost of starting a blogging business.

Usually, to get a domain name and a web host to start a blog is ridiculously low and because of that most bloggers don’t take their blogging business serious.


One of the common mistakes new bloggers make is by not collecting email addresses from their visitors.

Many out of those that collect their blog’s visitors email addresses use some free email service provider to collect their blog’s visitors email address with the intention of moving to an email service like Madmimi but in most cases when you try moving from free email service provider to an email service provider like Aweber, you’ll lose 80% of your email subscribers.


Blogging is a real business and in business there are expenses and in this case paying for your email service provider is one of the expenses.


Have you seen John Chow’s blog? Or have you seen Matthew Woodward’s blog? There are tons of these guys but for the purpose of this blog post, I’ll try to just mention a few of them.

Those two guys don’t run Google Ads on their blogs and John Chow said something fascinating, he said that he has not increase his advertising rates for years but his income keeps going up and up every single day.

Now, you may wanna ask where his revenue is coming from? That’s a good question. Majority of his revenue springs up from the back end sales. Make sense?


When you take a look at my blog, most of its revenue is mostly from the back end business, all the ads you see on the blog is what is known as the front end and the front end makes small amount of money compare to the back end sales.


You need to start focusing on the back end sales instead of focusing on the front end. Make sense?


Most new bloggers feel that their blog is their foundation but that’s not the case, your email list is your foundation.

The main purpose of your blog should be for getting you traffic and leads; that should be the main purpose of your blog.

Your blog helps in building your email list.

Also, I want you to have it at the back of your mind that your email list is more important than your Facebook page, twitter and the like. Get that?

Take a look at all those big guys out there like Frank Kern, John Chow, John Reese and some others I didn’t mention, they all have a huge mailing list.

Those guys are our mirror as internet marketers.


This is the kind of blog monetization that fits your blog if you really want to make money online blogging. There are 3 parts to this model and we are going to talk about them now and here are the 3 parts;

1. Collect the leads coming to your blog
2. Build relationship with those leads and
3. Put those leads through a sales funnel


There are different ways of collecting your visitors email addresses. For my blog (this very blog you’re on right now) I currently collect email address using just 3 methods and I’m not pulling anything back, I will show you those 3 methods I’m using right now at the time I’m writing this blog post for you.

But before I walk you through those 3 methods I use, there’s one important thing you need to put in place and that is – You need a lead magnet. Please let me know if this stuff is making sense to you so far in the comments!.


Before we know what a lead magnet is, let me ask you a question – why should your site’s or blog’s visitors give you their email address?

Well, in order for them to give you their email address you must give them something that they will be willing to give you their email address for (I mean something like a free gift.)

A lead magnet is a piece of value that solves a specific problem in your marketplace that you give away for an exchange of contact info. Make sense?

A lead magnet can be in form of a video, PDF, Audio, Webinar, Mindmap, Cheat sheet, A sample etc.
Now, that we know what a lead magnet is, let’s go ahead and dive into the 3 various methods of collecting your blog’s visitors email addresses;

Attention: There are tons of ways to collecting email addresses from your blog but the 3 methods am about to show are the methods I use. Make sense?



As you can see from the image above, I put the signup box above the fold, I don’t want visitors coming to my blog for the first time to scroll down before they see what I have to offer to them. I want my newsletter signup box to be the very first thing they see when they come around.

Again, remember that by so doing I’m building my foundation, remember what the foundation is? Your list of subscribers, that’s your foundation as an internet marketer and a blogger.


The way the exit intent popup box work is this – When a visitor comes to your site or blog and he/she is about leaving your site, a popup box will appear to that visitor, this is a very nice way of benefiting from your exit traffic.


But here’s the deal – Popup box are sometimes annoying. You is a perfect example; do you like a site whereby a popup box keeps appearing to you? Obviously I know you don’t.

Do you know that you can make your popup box not annoying to your site or blog visitors? Am about to show you how to do that. 😉

With the right plugin in place, you can set the frequency at which the popup box appears to a visitor.

As for me, I use the PopupAlly plugin and the way that I set this plugin is this – If a visitor is coming to my site or blog for the first time, when they are about leaving the site a popup box will appear and if that visitor returns before a period of 14 days, he will not be faced with any popup box but after a period of 14 day, when that visitor returns, he/she will be faced with a popup box. Make sense?

Most site don’t set the frequency at which there popup box appears and they are chasing some visitors away unconsciously.

If you’re looking for the best plugin to use for your exit intent popup box, I highly recommend the PopupAlly, check it out (if you want to.)


When you take a look at my blog posts, you’ll discover that at the end of each post there’s a newsletter signup box.
Again, you may wanna ask if all posts on my blog have that signup box at the bottom. Well, the reason why I’m doing that is because I’m building my foundation which is my list.



Some people going through this post right now might be asking - why am I employing so many ways to collect emails from my blog visitors? You might even be the one asking that question but anyways – You don’t want to leave any email address (leads) on the table for other marketers to come collect or do you?

That’s why you need to employ so many strategies to obtain leads (I mean email subscribers) to build your foundation. Is this making sense so far please?

Let me know if you have any question in the comments.


To my knowledge, most free email service providers don’t have the autoresponder feature, what does this mean? This means that as more subscribers get into your list, you should be able to connect with them automatically, you don’t even have to be there; you just need to set it and forget it while you go enjoy yourself at the beach.

It’s going to be difficult for you to be sending; let’s suppose for instance – welcome email to everyone that newly join your list, it’s going to be difficult. Please let me know if this stuff is making sense to you.

It’s going to get better, I promise. 🙂

With an email service provider like Getresponse, you’re able to set up a follow up email to each and everyone that joins your list.

Let me know if you have any question.


Now, this is where the big money is made and it’s in the back end. Basically, here’s what you do here – You recommend products that will help solve your subscribers’ problem. Make sure you’re an affiliate of any product you’re recommending but also recommend products that you don't even earn commissions on because by so doing it will make your list trust you the more.

From your lead magnet, you should know the kind of products that will help solve your subscribers’ problem and you will be rewarded by commissions for solving your list basic needs.

I appreciate you for taking your time to go through this long crazy blog post and by the way I have gift for you. 🙂
I won’t mention what the gift is, if you’re lucky you’ll see it. God bless you, God bless you dreams.

If there’s one formula you need to imbibe from this blog post about the blog monetization that fits your blog is this;

1. Capture the leads coming to your blog
2. Build relationship with the leads
3. Put the leads through a sales funnel and
4. Make money online blogging.

Edos Ubebe
P.S. If you want to see how I can help you make money online, go here.

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