3 Creative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

I want you to picture your WordPress site getting all the amount of traffic you want it to be getting how would you feel?

You would probably be happy and never have to worry about anything right?

Well, in this article I’ll show you how to get traffic to your blog, starting today, tonight and the coolest part is that one of these strategies am going to share with you can give you an endless well of traffic.

Here’s another cool part, this traffic methods requires just little efforts to get some really nice results with them. Make sense?

Now, I want you to know that it doesn’t matter what strategy or technique you use, what will get you result is CONSISTENCY.

CONSISTENCY is the key to success.

Most people will apply some of the traffic getting strategies am about to show you now and quit using them tomorrow and by doing they will get little or no result.

My advice to you is that you should never quit because he who regards the cloud will not sow and he who observe the wind will not reap.

No matter what, keep going and be CONSISTENT, you will notice a great change in your WordPress site’s traffic in little or no time.

With that being said, we are going to move forward.

Now, let’s talk about the ‘3 Creative Ways to Get Traffic to Your WordPress Site.’

1) Viral Traffic Getting Strategy

This is my favourite free traffic source that I’m using right now to get traffic to my WordPress site as we speak.

Have you ever seen something go viral before? People spread words about anything that is fun and interesting without even thinking about it. They tell there friends and family.

Let’s suppose for instance Justin Bieber breaks up with his girlfriend, what you’ll notice is that almost everyone will start talking about his breakup, right?

And in little or no time, it will go viral.

You too my friend, you can get tons of people to start talking about your site for free and they will help your site go viral.

How can I actually orchestrate the ‘Viral Traffic Strategy’ for my site?

Well, here’s how you can make your site go viral, there’s a community called the ‘Viral Content Bee.’

This community is made up of likeminded bloggers who are ready to help each other go viral and the way that this community work is this, you earn points by promoting other people’s content and in turn, you will use those points you earned to pay bloggers who promote your site content too, so to speak.

Is this making sense to you? Lemme know in the comments if you have any question.

Let’s move forward.

Go HERE to get your ‘Viral Content Bee’ account set up.

That’s how to get viral traffic to your site.

2) Web Alert Strategy

This is another cool strategy you can use to get some really nice traffic to your site and I’m going to explain what this is all about and how to orchestrate this strategy to get traffic to your site.

The question now is…

What the heck is the ‘Web Alert Traffic Strategy?’

Well, the way this method works is that you simply get automatic updates from around the web whenever there’s a new post related to the ones on your WordPress site, so to speak.

So, whenever you get an alert of a new content on the web that is related to the one on your site, what you will do is that you will read that content and leave a comment with your related post link on that particular blog post.

Is this stuff making sense? Please let me know in the comment box below this article.

How do I actually get alerts for related content from the web?

That is a good question.

Well, there are tons of services that you can use to get alerts for related content on the web but I’m only going to give you the ones I’m using and here they are;

  1. Google Alerts
  2. Warble

These 2 services are actually easy to set up and start using but because I will like to keep this article short, I won’t be able to show you how to set them up.

But once you set an account up with any of these services you will begin to get alerts for related content from all around the web and this is what you do, leave sincere comments with your link on any blog you read through the alert service.

That’s it.

3) Ping Back and Track Back Strategy

This method is actually very simple and you can orchestrate this for yourself even if you are a newbie. I want you to note that this strategy can only work on a WordPress site.

Now, the way that this strategy work is this, you simply send traffic to popular blogs in your niche and when Google index those blogs, you’ll get automatic backlinks to your site.

Here’s how this work, when next you want to publish a blog post, at the bottom of your post simple give your visitors other places they can get more information about whatever it is your blog post is all about.

For instance, you can say something like ‘I want to give you other sources where you can learn more about so so topic’ and then you give them the link.

Also, make sure that the blogs you are linking to are also WordPress blogs. Whenever you link to those authority blogs, those blog owners will see that you link to their posts and when they approve it, a link to your blog post will appear on their own blog post, so to speak.

I hope this article help you get some traffic to your blog and if you like this article, please help me get some commissions simply by sharing this post with your friends and family using the social media share buttons below.


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