How to Register the Best Domain Name for Your Site in 7 Easy Steps

Imagine what it would be like if you could get all the best domain name you’ve ever wanted. You’d probably feel great and never have to worry about anything right?

Well, in this short article I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through some very simple strategies of ‘how to register the best domain for your WordPress site in 7 Easy Steps’ and you are going to love it, I promise.

Have you ever wanted to register a domain name before and only to find out that the domain name had been registered by another person?

How did you feel when you discovered that the domain was taken already? You probably felt bad, right?

Here’s my promise to you, after going through this short article you won’t have to feel bad whenever you discover that any domain of your choice had been taken or registered.

Also, after going through this short article you will become a master in registering domain names and you won’t have to worry about anything again like I said.

Let’s get started.

1) Avoid Using Hyphen When Registering a Domain

Here’s a quick story, when I was just starting out, I made a huge mistake of add an hyphen to my domain which actually looked like this ‘’ and I regretted it.

In today’s world, everyone seems to be busy and won’t have the patience to be looking for the hyphen key on there devices.

So, if you registered your domain with an hyphen on it, you’ll be wasting a whole lots of traffic that suppose to be coming to your site and my candid advice is that you avoid using hyphen when registering a domain.

2) Always Go for a Dot Com Domain

You know why? Here’s why, the Dot Com domain extension is the most memorable domain extension. I want you to forget about the other domain extensions like .info, .biz, .ninja, .net, .org and always go for a Dot Com domain first. You can choose to have those extensions after having the Dot Com extension of you domain, if you know what I mean.

Let’s suppose for instance you want to register a domain with your first and last names and your names are John Doe, you should register, first. After that you can register something like or and so on.

Here’s another thing, people automatically perceive the Dot Com domain as the ultimate domain, so to speak.

So, if you want people to see you as an authority in whatever it is you want to do, always go for a Dot Com domain, first.

3) Always Use the Right Spelling When Registering a Domain Name

I see a lot of blogs out there with wrong spellings in there domain names but that shouldn’t be the case. Let’s suppose for instance you want to register a domain as ‘’ and let’s suppose it has been taken or registered by someone else and you decided to play smart and you registered it as ‘’ with a letter ‘q’ instead of letter ‘g’. You know what will happen to your site after a while? You’ll be losing traffic to the site that has the right spelling because people will always enter the right spellings not the wrong spellings when writing, that include when visiting a site.

Make sense?

Use the right spellings when registering a domain, always.

4) Make it Brandable

You know why you need to make your domain brandable? You need to do that because time will come when you will be putting your brand on printed materials like T-Shirts, Cups etc.

And when that time comes, you won’t be the only one in possession of those printed materials. People also will be in possession of those materials, if you want them to and here’s the deal, people like to be a part of something unique and if your brand is different and unique, they will promote your brand and by so doing, they’ll send traffic to your site.

If you are into weight loss kind of stuff, you can consider registering something like ‘’ or ‘’. Just make it fancy, that’s what I mean by making your domain brandable.

5) Consider Registering Your Domain with Your First and Last name

If you felt like all the best domains have been taken, you can consider using your first and last name in registering your domain name like tons of people are doing right now, that’s what people like John Chow, Syed Balkhi, Matthew Woodward did, that’s what I did.

You too can do the same and you’ll stand out because there’s no one like you in the world.

6) Add ‘101’ to Your Domain Name

This is another cool way of getting the best out of your domain name, remember the courses you did in college or university? There were probably some of those course you took that has ‘101’ in them.

Why not apply the same strategy to your domain? Let’s suppose you wish to register your domain name as ‘’ and only to discover that the domain name has been taken, what you can do here is to add ‘101’ at the suffix of your domain and it will become something like this, ‘’.

How cool is that?

Use this strategy if you will.

7) Consider Adding ‘Best’ to the Prefix of the Domain You Wish to Register

Just like what I showed you above, you can also consider adding the word ‘Best’ to the prefix of your desired domain you wish to register.

Again, let’s suppose for instance you wish to register ‘’ as your domain and only to discover that it has been taken, what you can do is this, add the word ‘best’ to the prefix and it will now look like this ‘’. Make sense.

Reliable Sources Where You Can Register Your Domain

Below are some of the reliable sources we’ve been using for our site and clients’ sites and over the years they’ve proven to be a reliable source. These sources are proven, tested, confirmed, bonified and verified.

You can get your domains and web hosting from them:

  1. NameCheap (affiliate link)

Final Thoughts

I have showed you how to get the best domain name possible for yourself and clients in this article and if you like this article you can help me get some commissions by sharing this with your friends and family on social network using the social network sharing button below or above this article.

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