5 Ways to Influence and Get The Most Out of People

As you read this blog post, you will discover some principles that has been working on you and me like magic way before now. Have you ever asked yourself why we are more influenced most by the actions of others?

Well, in this blog post I’ll share with you some of the things that makes you, me and thousands of people all over the world react automatically some things in life.

Now, I want you to be clear with something right here – This isn’t a mystical magical stuff, it’s just nature, I believe. 😉

When I was still in High school, I sometimes do wonder why some people react to somethings automatically even without thinking about that particular circumstance.

Disclaimer: This stuff I’m about to share with you are actually not mine, I got them from a book which by the way I will reveal to you before the end of this post but if this strategies are applied correctly, they can very easily allow you to dominate in your business and allow you to master people and the way people think.

Now, you may have come across this principles but your suggestions, feedback, questions are always welcome. 🙂

So without wasting much of your time let’s go ahead and dive into this principles of dealing with people.


Now, this happened sometimes ago to me, I noticed something that whenever I needed to buy somethings, and then maybe I was told by the salesman that that particular item was the last one they have in store, the need for it tends to rise even more.

Did you ever noticed that?

This kept me wondering and I never knew what it was called back then but now I know what it is called. 🙂

But years after I discovered that this same principle was thought to salesmen to use on prospective customers. Take for instance – When a customer enters  a store and he/she is approached by a trained salesman who have studied the “Scarcity Principle.” Supposing the prospective customer order for a particular shoe or any other item, what this salesman will do is that – the salesman will tell this prospective customer that the company currently have only one quantity of the item left and other customers will come pick it up if he/she don’t make a quick decision, this triggers more need to get that particular product believe me or not. 🙂

Did you ever take note of that before?

Scarcity principle works on almost all of us but we can control it if we master it.


The best way for you to be correct in a social gathering is for you to look at the actions from other and act accordingly. Let me ask you this question – Sometimes what do you think makes you laugh even when what has been said ain’t funny?

The answer is simple…

We simply don’t want to make mistake that’s why we act according to the action of others and that’s where social proof comes in. 😉

Hey, here’s another question for you – Have you ever noticed why cars moving on a high way almost move at the same speed?

Well, according to the principle of social proof, it states that “one means we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct.”

We are more influenced by the actions of other people around us.

Advertisers now know how to use this principle called (social proof) on us, they don’t need to convince us directly that there product is good, all they just have to do is to tell us that thousands of people have used and find satisfaction is the product.

And since we are more influenced by the action of others, we draw conclusion that the product is good. 😉

To learn more about this principles I will give you a resource before the end of this blog post, keep an eye peeled for that.


Now, lemme start by giving you a quick illustration and this illustration is all about a Group of Krishna devotees. This group are often with shaved heads, and wearing ill-fitting robes, leg wrappings, beads, and bells—would canvass a city street, chanting and bobbing in unison while begging for funds.

While begging for funds from people around, most people tends to ignore this group because Krishna is a way tide to religion and you know most things that are tide to religion usually have limits, if you know what I mean. This strategy wasn’t working for this group of people so they then decided to implement the law of Reciprocation.

This is where this illustration gets interesting…

They made a new resolution and this time what this group of people did differently was this – once they approach a passing by stranger, a Krishna devotee will then approach this stranger and offer him/her a gift and then tell that stranger that “it is our gift to you” and at this time when this Krishna devotee beg for funds, he/she usually gets it because is an obligation to make a concession to someone who has made a concession to us.


I have use this principle several times and I must tell you that this principle is proven, confirmed, and verified.

Sometimes in the past when I newly discovered this principle which I’m about to share with you, I was blown away by the power of this principle  in my online marketing career.

I was involved in with an MLM company back in 2013 and I was new to the network marketing industry at that time so my promotional strategy was to market on Facebook and I could remember that I had to chase friends and family down before they could join me in my MLM company but when I discovered the power of Commitment and Consistency, things began to change.

Basically, here’s how this principle works – if you can get someone to help you with a small favor, you’ve made the person to become committed to you and when you ask for a further favor from that same person, he/she would find it difficult to turn you down because everybody you meet is trying to be known as a nice guy or a nice girl.

So when applying this principle – thank the person for the previous help he/she rendered to you and by so doing the person would find it very difficult to turn down your request.


I will keep this aspect so short. Do you know that if I walk up to you dressed in a police uniform, you will naturally do what I ask you to do without even thinking about it.


When a man wear a traffic warden uniform, stand and control the traffic flow, naturally everybody under that influence will obey him even though if he is not a traffic warden by profession but because of authority!


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