16 Jul 2016

Case Study: How I Got 34 Leads (Subscribers) In 3 days To My List

Imagine what it would be like if you could generate as many leads (subscribers) to your list on demand, anytime you want, that would be awesome right? Here’s another question for you - would you like to know how I was able to generate over 34 unique leads to my list in just 3 days of testing one traffic source? Well, that’s what today’s blog post is all about.

I’m actually going to share the strategy I used in generating those leads with you and my experience with the traffic source.

Also, I don’t want this post to be long so I’ll keep it simple. I was actually thinking of showing you this in a video form, the video form will be as if you were looking at my computer screen right over my shoulders but I don’t know why I’m doing this in form of a blog post but this is going to be good for you. 🙂


Some of you can identify the image below;


If you can identify the above image please let me know in the comments... If you don’t comment I’m not going to show you how to get leads (subscribers) to your online business, I can see others commenting and you’re not. I’ll show you how, I’m kidding. 🙂

But do let me know if you can identify that image above.


Newspaper classified.

You say “Newspaper classified?”

Yes, Newspaper classified. I ran a newspaper advertisement about 2 weeks ago or so and I ran the Ad on a newspaper called ‘Vanguard’ here in Nigeria because I’m from Nigeria.

For those of you who feel that advertising on a newspaper is not a good idea, check this out – ‘Vanguard newspaper’ do publish 120,000 circulation of their newspaper daily, across the country (Nigeria). That means that you can get your Ad in front of 120,000 people in just one day.

That’s such a huge number, isn’t it?

But take note that not all of those people will respond to your Ad. From my own testing only 0.005% of those folks responded to my Ad. It might be better for you or otherwise but I hope it work really well for you. 😉

And when you want to advertise on a newspaper, make sure that what you’re promoting is a mass market product or offer, in other words – it should be a product that will interest 98 out of every 100 people. For instance, do you know anybody who does not want to earn an extra $700 dollars daily?

That’s what I mean.

I was able to generate 34 unique leads to my list through a newspaper Ad and  I’m currently running another campaign (advertisement) and I’ll let you know how it goes for me, until then – remain blessed.


When you are advertising on a newspaper, make sure you have a ‘Capture Machine.’ What is a ‘Capture Machine?’ Well, it means a website where you can get your prospects contact information (email address or phone number). Below is the image of my own ‘Capture Machine.’

my lp

I can help you to set one up if you want.

I sincerely hope this help you build your business and take you to the next level.

Edos Ubebe

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