19 Jul 2015

DIY: What Are You Doing Today To Make Tomorrow Better?

This is going to be a really good question and please I want to hear your thoughts in the comments. What are you doing today to make tomorrow awesome? Are you doing something or have you become comfortable with your current position?

I want you to always remember that the choices we make today determines our tomorrow.

Now, if the choices we make today determines our tomorrow, what choices will you make today? You know, over a couple of month ago I was listening to Les Brown and he said something profound – He said that most people only read one book a year but if we study and read one book a month, in five years, the average individual will read 5 books and you’ll read 60 books and that will make you an expert in your field.

It all start with the decision we make today.

If you’re an internet entrepreneur, I want to challenge you to come join me in blogging daily for the next 5 years and let’s see what happens then. 😉

Note: You have to have your own blog before you can actually start blogging daily and you can check out my WordPress Installation and Blog Setup Service Here.

Also, if you can upload videos on YouTube on a daily basis, it’ll be awesome because I'm actually doing this alongside blogging daily.

But there’s something important I need to tell you – Our mind tends to carry little things and actually make them look bigger than they really are. When I say “Join me in blogging daily for the next 5 years,” that’s such a long time right? But there’s a way to actually make 5 years really small and I’ll be sharing that with you in tomorrow’s blog post.

Watch out for that tomorrow.

Don’t forget to do something today to make tomorrow better.

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