27 Jan 2017

How to Get more Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get more Traffic to Your Blog

As you might probably know - Traffic is the life blood of your website success on the internet. Many people worry much about building there own website without realizing that it is not enough to have a website but  you must also learn how to get people to see your website every single day.

Statistic says that there are over 50,000,000 million website on the internet today and majority of this website get little or no traffic.


Because many people starting a website fail to realize that it is not the work of the programmer to help you market your website - Your website might be the most people website on the internet but if nobody is visiting it on a regular basis - it really means nothing.

So pay attention as I share some awesome tips that will help you get traffic to your website on a consistent regular basis. In this post I will make a list of some simple but powerful strategy that you can start applying to get traffic to your website starting today.

You ready?


Statistics says that 500 million twitter tweets are sent per day, that's a huge number guys, what this really means is that you can get as much traffic just by using your Twitter account.

ClicktoTweet This tool allows you to create a tweetable text link in your blog post and one of the most important thing about this tool is that it has a CTA - I mean a call to action that tells people to tweet a particular text.

I love the way Natalie used it in one of her blog post. She took an important quote from her post and turn that into a tweetable text link, see how she used it below;

In order to get the most out of this strategy - make sure that the text you want people to share is actually a text that is worth sharing.


It's fascinating to see how people share interesting images to different social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest etc. So in your next blog post turn some noteworthy quote into image and have people share your post for you naturally.

You can use a site like Quozio to create your images.

Tip: Find what you know people would share naturally, let me give you an example - people share images that contain motivational messages in them, so use that.


When I say that "See what works for your competition," I'm not trying to say that you should copy what your competition post on there blog, no that's not what I mean - what I mean by that is that you should see what works for them the most, what has the most social media share and more.


Once you see what works for them - write your next blog post on that particular topic in your own way.

The question now is - How do I see what works for my competition?

That's a good question, in order to see what works best for your competition you can use a tool like BuzzSumo instead of spending the whole day looking for what works in your competition website/blog manually 🙂

This is Edos signing out, I wish you all the best, God bless you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Edos Ubebe

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  1. Clicktotweet seems to look like a great tool. I would surely take a look at it and see how it works. Thanks for helping us know about improving blog traffic. It’s always good to read such articles that helps fellow bloggers.

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