25 Dec 2014

My Christmas Gift For You :-)

Love was born on Christmas, ladies and gentle this LOVE that was born on Christmas is the reason for our celebration, He is the reason for our jubilation, He is the reason for our singing, He is the reason for our dancing.

This same LOVE came down to rescue You and I, He did not come down for Himself but for You and I so that we may have a wonderful future ahead of us. He is worthy of our praises, He is worthy of our shouting, He is worthy of our giving...This season is His season, I mean a season where we share the very Love of Christ with our fellow human being.

This is the best season for us to look for people who are in need of help, let us reach out to them with whatever substance the Lord has placed into our hands. Remember the three wise men in the Holy Bible? When Love was born on Christmas, they simply reached out and presented some gifts  to baby Jesus.

What have you to give?

No matter how Rich or poor you think you are, you are a solution to someone's need. Many people people today complain in life, they murmur but they refuse to know that whatever we hold back from life, in the same proportion, life will withhold those things we refuse to give to life and most people give for recognition. As one of my mentor would say - A time for giving is a time we humble ourselves so that the Lord might be honored.

Your strength might be in the area of money, while mine might be in the area of divine knowledge yet another's might be in the area of teaching, with all this substances God has given us, there are many people who needs us, let us reach out for them and this season is the very best time because LOVE was born on Christmas.

I will leave you with this wise quote by Zig Ziglar - "You can have everything in life you want,  if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

Merry Christmas Folks 🙂

-Edos Ubebe
"I will always be the best I can be"

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