10 Jul 2015

Is The Other Man’s Grass Greener Than Yours?

Just of recent I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who lives in London, United Kingdom and he was so excited because there was a change in weather in the area where he stays in London, UK.

He was so excited because the weather over there was kind of hot and that made him so excited but here I’m looking for a cold weather because the weather in Nigeria is hot and anytime the weather is cold here, it makes us so excited and I was surprise to hear that someone is actually excited about a hot weather. 🙂

And then I realized this saying that goes like this - "The other man’s grass is always greener." 😉

That statement appears true but it does not have to be true. Sometimes when I take a look at other people websites even though my website has a beautiful design, I use to admire them and sometimes I do wish I had the same design on my website as theirs.

But do you know that they also feel the same way I do?

Sometimes, when they also take a look at my website or your website (if you have one) they also sometimes wish that they have the same design as your website or mine website.

The truth is that other man’s grass seems to only look greener but not greener.


Appreciate what you have believing that there’s nobody on planet earth like YOU. You’re different.

Edos Ubebe

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