08 Jul 2015

The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Not Selfishness

Most people think you’re selfish when you do what makes you happy and the fear that we have is that we are going to be alone because if they don’t like you, who will? If they don’t accept you, who will?

I could remember sometimes ago I found myself in a place that drained my passion and in a situation whereby I didn’t like what my friends were involved with because I was so focus on working on my dreams (I’m still working on it) and I started to think that maybe I was selfish but then something happened...

I came across a book titled – “Psycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz and in this book, Maxwell Maltz opened my eyes and I then realized that – The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Not Selfishness and by the way if you’ve not read that book, I recommend you get it.

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing and you keep on doing it, you’re only wasting time because you’ve got to believe in what you’re involved in, be it your product, service, merchandise or company. Everything you get or don’t get will be according to your believe.

Write this down – “If you do what makes you happy all the time regardless of what others may feel or think, you’ll ad more life to years.”

That’s what I’ve been doing and ever since then I have been so free.

The other day, someone sent me an email that he was in debt and that’s making him so sad but here’s what I told him – “Regardless if you’re sad or happy about you owing someone doesn’t pay off the debt, so it would be a lot smarter for you to be happy.”


Happiness should not be based on material things but rather you should just be happy. If you base your happiness on material stuff, most times you’ll be disappointed and you become sad.

Remember the law of attraction? Like attracts like. When you choose to be happy, you’ll attract things that will always make you happy but when you decide that your happiness is based on material stuff and when you’re disappointed and you become sad, you’ll attract things that will make you unhappy.


Jesus even told us that we shouldn’t think about what we are going to eat tomorrow. Let us live in the present and enjoy the present moment, and leaving all our burdens to the one who sets us free on the cross.


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