03 Feb 2015

What do you do with the visitors who came to your website and leave?

Have you ever asked yourself what you can actually do to increase your website traffic to a new level? Do you know that you can actually turn those visitors who are about leaving your site into leads and sales?

How awesome will that be to you?

I bet that will make your work a lot easier, make you have a happier life and live happily.

You know, back in the days - I use to labour around searching Google for various strategies of how I could actually start generating tons traffic to my website, I tried a lot of stuff and I can tell you one thing - It really was killing me because the information I was getting was now getting overwhelming but one day I was with one of my Pastor and believe me, as I was sitting there what was going through my mind was not what he was actually discussing with me 🙂

In my mind, I was thinking of various way I could get traffic to my website and then I had this big idea... It lit up in my mind like a light bob and then I went wow.

I realized that I could turn visitors coming on a daily basis to my website who are leaving without taking any form of action into leads and sales 😉

And here's where the exit popup formula comes in.

Here's how it actually works - When a visitor comes to your blog maybe for the first time and maybe something was not right and he/she decides to leave your blog at that particular time, here's what the will happen - the moment they try moving there mouse cursor above the address bar area, a popup box will appear asking them to subscribe for your lead magnet if you know what I mean.

The exit popup plugin I actually use with my WordPress blog is called - PopupAlly

Watch the video below to see how you can configure this plugin;

Enjoy 😉

-Edos Ubebe

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