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December 9, 2014

Win People To Your Own Way Of Thinking

How are you doing today? Hope you guys are doing wonderful. Today I want to talk to you guys about winning people to your own way of thinking; Let's dive […]
December 9, 2014

Success Definition with Maxwell Maltz

Hi it's Edos, I hope you guys are having a great day like I am. Today I just want to share a great lesson I learnt from one of my […]
December 9, 2014

Low Self Esteemed? Develop Self Confidence

Hi it's Edos, Permit me to share with you the lesson I have received from one of my Mentor "Maxwell Maltz." I believe this is going to be good for […]
December 8, 2014


Love. It's crucial. If you are fortunate, you get to do what you love for a living. If this is not the case for you right now, find a few […]
December 7, 2014

Get Ahead

Drink from the full cup of life. Taste the bitter, along with the sweet, knowing that all of it deepens your experience of life. Life is a roller-coaster. You will […]
December 6, 2014

Quote of The Day

Live life as a giver ~ not a taker. Serve the needs of others by giving of your time, energy, resources and skills to encourage, enrich, educate, or enlighten their […]